My roommate and I have had far too much coffee and I think our neighbors hate us




" FUTURE FISH " - Haruka x Rin Duet

I know this has been done already but I wanted something different besides a plain audio overlay duet - Haruka’s voice in one ear, Rin’s in the other -  sooooo… I edited a duet so Haruka & Rin are singing alternate lines! the bridge is my personal favourite part but I digress. enjoy~

I don’t think anyone will want to download this but here’s a link anyway.

oh. oh.



Hello! I meshed up some questions from others and created a big one! I am going to be doing this, and I invite anyone interested to do it as well!

Here’s the big list:

  1. Your favourite Beta kid
  2. Your favourite Alternian Troll
  3. Your favourite Beforan Troll
  4. Your…

I will do this.